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Join us on Thursday, June 20th, and embark on an uplifting journey for your mind, body, and soul with Pilates, Gentle Stretch and Breathwork, Sound Bath and a healthy organic lunch at Groobarbs in High Legh.

If you are looking for a small personal class that is friendly and fun then look no further.

Clinic Equilibrium is a boutique Pilates studio based in Bowdon, Cheshire. We offer small group classes and private sessions with highly trained and experienced teachers. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service. Our team includes specialists in all areas, including ante- and postnatal care, elite sport, physio-led and specialists in chronic pain and somatic experiencing.

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I was first introduced to Pilates in 2003 as a way of helping my lower back problems. At the time I was a competitive ice dancer and was amazed with not only how much it helped me manage and control my lower back but how much stronger I was as a performer. I then used it as a form of conditioning right through my time competing and medalling for Team GB internationally to life as a professional performer in shows such as 'Dancing on Ice' in Europe.

I then decided to transition career to helping other athletes and completed my Pilates Matwork Teacher Training through APPI and my degree in Sport Rehabilitation as well as my post grad in Strength and Conditioning. Over the following 10 years I became fully trained on apparatus, continued training with BCP, BBU, APPI and 2nd Generation teachers, worked alongside physios and women’s health specialists.

I have worked with an array of clients from Premier League Football players, Olympic Medallist Swimmers, Professional Ballet Dancers, Amateur athletes, Ante/postnatal clients, clients with musculoskeletal problems such as lower back pain, clients with Cerebral Palsy and clients aged 5-90 years old.

I opened Clinic Equilibrium Pilates Studio in Bowdon back in July 2015 and then Elite Physio and Therapy Clinic in January 2017. I love the variety of seeing clients (with all kinds of goals and needs), and training other teachers and healthcare professionals in using Pilates to get the best for their clients.

Lindsey Woolstencroft
Founder and Owner

Claire Kinkead

Pilates Teacher

Jenny Atkinson

Pilates Teacher

Julie Revell

Pilates Teacher

Susanna Elias

Sport Rehabilitator and Pilates Teacher


Elevate Your Performance: Get ready for an invigorating Pilates experience that's designed to elevate your fitness game. This class incorporates high-intensity movements, core strength, and flexibility training, ideal for sports and fitness enthusiasts seeking to push their boundaries.


The Classic Pilates class pays homage to the foundational Pilates principles established by Joseph Pilates. With exercises that stay true to the original method, this class concentrates on building a strong foundation of strength, flexibility, and control, ensuring you experience the enduring benefits of Pilates practice.


Unleash Your Inner Power: Dynamic Pilates is all about energy and vitality. In this class, you'll experience fluid, flowing movements that challenge your strength, flexibility, and coordination. Each session offers an exhilarating journey that keeps you fully engaged and energised, leaving you with a sense of empowerment and renewed energy.


Refine Your Technique: Precision Pilates focuses on the art of mindful movement and exactness. Through slow, deliberate exercises, you'll refine your posture, alignment, and muscle engagement. This class is perfect for those who want to master the foundational principles of Pilates and achieve a deep mind-body connection.


Harmony for Body and Mind: Rebalance Pilates is your sanctuary for restoration and equilibrium. It emphasizes gentle, therapeutic exercises to alleviate tension, correct imbalances, and restore your body to its natural state of well-being. It's the perfect class for those seeking rejuvenation, rehabilitation, and harmony.

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Our sister clinic Elite Physio and Therapy is conveniently located on site in Bowdon.

  • Clinic Equilibrium, 21/23 hall road, Bowdon, Cheshire, WA14 3AY, England, United Kingdom