The best in teaching

Our teachers are selected because of their knowledge, experience and shared passion for enhancing your life with Pilates.

A tailored journey

We believe Pilates should be tailored to each client depending upon their needs. When you join our studio you aren’t joining an ordinary Pilates class, you are starting your journey to better health and movement.

The smallest class sizes

Our small group classes allow us to provide individual attention as needed, so you can rest assured you will be getting the best out of every session.

The only aerial studio in the North West

We are the only Aerial Pilates Studio in north-west England. Not only do we boast two fully-equipped studios, they are also beautiful, light and clean.

Extra care with conditions and injuries

We offer physio- and rehabilitation-led Pilates for those needing help with conditions and injuries. In addition, some of our teachers were professional athletes and understand sporting needs.