Reformer Teacher Training 


Learning Outcomes 

Through successful completion of this course, you will: 

  • Master proficient teaching of the classic reformer Pilates exercises, encompassing mobility, core/abdominal, and upper and lower body movements, ensuring continuous challenge and progression for clients.
  • Understand the intricacies of exercise "layering," enabling the delivery of tailored progressions and regressions to meet individual client needs and abilities.
  • Master optimal use of the Reformer to provide clients with exceptional movement experiences, whether in group classes or one-on-one sessions and demonstrate the safe operation of the Reformer and the effective incorporation of small equipment to amplify client workouts. 
  • Apply modified exercises to address common pathologies, including pre and post-natal conditions and low back pain, ensuring safety and efficacy while promoting optimal client outcomes.   
  • Design customised workouts suitable for both beginner and intermediate clients, integrating tiered programming for client development. 
  • Utilise verbal, visual, and kinesthetic cues effectively during instruction to enhance client understanding and engagement.

Additionally, you will delve into advanced anatomy and movement theory, covering topics such as: 

  • Myofascial Slings: Exploring the interconnected networks of fascial tissue and their role in movement coordination and stability and applying this knowledge to enhance exercise programming. 
  • Upper Body and Lower Body Cross Syndrome: Understanding the imbalances and compensatory patterns that arise from prolonged postural habits and implementing corrective strategies to address these issues. 
  • Deep Neck Flexors: Recognising the importance of these muscles in maintaining cervical spine stability and preventing neck pain and integrating exercises to strengthen and activate them effectively. 
  • Lumbo-Pelvic Stability: Using applied theory for stabilisation and treatment of common conditions of the sacroiliac joint and lumbar spine and implementing appropriate modifications and precautions to accommodate clients with these conditions, ensuring safety and optimal outcomes.   

By integrating these advanced concepts into the curriculum, graduates will emerge equipped with a comprehensive understanding of Reformer Pilates instruction, backed by a strong foundation in anatomy and movement science and rehabilitation techniques for common conditions.

Course Structure   

This 3-4-month part-time course comprises of: 

5 half days practical training 

Advanced movement theory 

Written and practical exam

Included at no additional cost:

10 hours reformer class practice 

Unlimited reformer class observation / assisting 

6 hours practice teaching 

Course Dates  

Current Course 

Practical Training: 

Saturday 27th April 1-5pm 

Saturday 11th May 1-5pm 

Saturday 18th May 1-5pm 

Sunday 9th June 1-5pm 

Saturday 22nd June 1-5pm


Practical Training: 

Saturday 14th September 1-5pm 

Saturday 28th September 1-5pm 

Saturday 12th October 1-5pm 

Saturday 9th November 1-5pm 

Saturday 23rd November 1-5pm

Course Cost 

Full Course Upfront: £696 (Includes a non-refundable deposit of £200) 

Or £200 non-refundable deposit and 3 Instalments of £180 (Current course instalments payable 27th April, 18th May & 22nd June). Fees include all the above training, practice and exam as well as course manual and certificate. 

Prerequisites  Level 3 Mat Pilates training. 

Booking To secure your place email with a copy of your mat Pilates qualification. Reservation won’t be complete without deposit.