Pre-Class Assessment

  • This is where your class journey with us begins! In this private session we get to know you and your goals, assess your posture and movements to identify areas of focus and then take you through the foundation principles of Pilates.

4-week Mat Pilates Subscriptions

  • We have a range of mat class subscriptions, providing access to one to four classes a week, at a time and level to suit you. Prices range from £60 to £180 per four-week period, depending on how many classes you wish to attend.

4-Week Aerial Pilates Subscription

  • Our semi-private aerial classes are the most challenging of of our classes so perfect for those wanting to strengthen and lengthe,n or lose weight. We offer beginner to advanced levels.

4-week Semi-Private Reformer Pilates Subscription

  • We offer semi-private reformer studio sessions, for those wanting to utilise the amazing benefits of cadillac, reformer, chair and ladder barrel. Join a small group up to 4 or train with your friends and make your own session.

Private Pilates Session

  • Our Private Pilates sessions are 45 minutes long and all about you. Blocks of 10 can be purchased for £540.