4 Week Pilates PT

Do you want to get fit again post lock down but worried about going to a gym? 

Have you lost your mobility working from home and want to increase your flexibility and strength?

Have you got injuries and niggles but want to get fit safely?

We offer a 4 week Pilates PT package where you can train 3 sessions a week for 4 weeks using a combination of session types to suit your personal needs. 

For those wanting maximum results in weight loss and strength the Pilates PT and Aerial Pilates classes will the right choice for you. For those with injuries or starting fitness for the first time in a while the Mat classes will be the right choice for you. These sessions can be booked as a selection so you are able to mix your training between all 3. 

Our PT package is £180 for 4 weeks and gives you 12 semi private sessions.