Private Pilates


At Equilibrium we offer private one-to-one Pilates sessions that are personal and tailored so your progression is accelerated to reach your goals.

Private Pilates are ideal:

  • If you want to progress your Pilates quickly and work specifically on your goals.
  • If you need more specific care for injuries and conditions such as back pain or arthritis, or you are post surgery looking to return to activity
  • If you are looking to improve your posture to eliminate aches and pains
  • If you are an athlete, dancer or performer (amateur or professional) and would like to enhance your performance and prevent injuries
  • If you feel worried about joining a class and prefer to workout alone

All our private sessions are led by experienced Pilates instructors and where required fully qualified Physiotherapists or Rehabilitation therapists. We also offer combinations of physio treatment with Pilates for those needing help with pain management as well as prescriptive exercise therapy.

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