Pre Class Assessment


Prior to joining any classes at the studio you will be required to attend a pre class assessment which is a 45 minute appointment. This appointment is essential to assess your health status, needs and requirements as well as reasons behind attending Pilates. You will be taken through a physio style assessment whereby we will assess posture, muscle tightness, weakness and overactivity. Information gained from your assessment will be shared with the Pilates teachers for the purpose of planning and tailoring your classes and if needed adapting exercises to make sure they are as suitable for you as possible.

This is essential so that we can provide the best level of care and instruction and so that you can gain the most from your class. Finally, we take you through the key principals of Pilates at the end of your assessment so that you’re doing the exercises effectively. Without proper instruction or knowledge, Pilates will be of no major benefit, however with the right guidance you will learn how to isolate the deep core muscles to ensure you are gaining maximum benefit.

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