Posture Analysis

What is it?

Good posture is essential for correct and natural body movement in all aspects of daily life. Our instructors and therapists will take you through a 45 minute comprehensive posture and biomechanical analysis to look at areas of asymmetry, weakness, imbalance and dysfunction. Everyone will have some degree of natural and conditional asymmetry. It is this compensation which puts pressure on other parts of the body. For some people this can cause pain and under ongoing, or extreme stress, injury and permanent damage.

We can then formulate a treatment plan to address these areas with corrective strengthening and re-alignment.

Why come?

The 21st century is not good for the human body. We’re not meant to sit as much or as badly as we do. Or to spend hours hunched over computer screens (often with a phone tucked between a shoulder and an ear). And we’re certainly not designed for high heels.

These are just a few causes of the postural imbalances that affect over 80% of UK adults. Think of these imbalances as little time-bombs that will sooner or later hinder movement and cause dysfunction and pain.

Is it right for me?

If you’re an office worker or executive, you’re in the high-risk category for back and posture-related musculoskeletal problems. Even more so if you’re over 30. Given how debilitating the impact of these conditions can be, and how easy and quick a pre-emptive assessment is, it’s something everyone would benefit from.

Results and benefits

Our corrective treatment plan will address any issues you may have, and which can be incorporated into your ongoing Pilates sessions or used as a program on its own. Not only will it enable you to exercise more effectively and more safely but it will also help you stay mobile, active and pain free in your everyday life. Often clients feel and look taller once they are holding your posture correctly.


Initial Assessment £45

Follow Up Sessions £35