Mum and Baby Pilates

Our postnatal Pilates classes are all about mum regaining her inner strength, flexibility and rediscovering her tummy muscles while baby can join her while she exercises.

The classes are very relaxed and you are welcome to bring play gym / bouncer etc.

We have 2 mummy and baby Pilates classes: Mummy and Baby Matwork Pilates and Mummy and baby Reformer Pilates

The matwork class incorporates lots of tummy, pelvic floor and bottom strengthening as well as mix of stretches for the back and legs and some balance work.

The reformer class is more semi-private with up to 6 and incorporates the use of the large equipment. With the added resistance of the machines and the extra individual attention this class is the perfect way to rediscover your muscle strength and get back to shape quicker.

Our Mummy and baby Pilates classes are led by a healthcare practitioner and Pilates specialist. You can attend even if you are suffering from any conditions such as Pelvic Girdle Pain, SPD, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or non-pregnancy related muscular conditions.

All classes are suitable from 6 weeks postnatal and can be joined at any time with flexible booking.