Matwork Classes


Pilates focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle strength, tone, flexibility and posture, however a larger component of Pilates teaching is to strengthen your ‘core’ muscles.  Most of us will at some point in our life develop poor posture, back or neck ache or other musculoskeletal pain. For many of us, that pain could be prevented by considering how to correctly utilise our ‘core’ muscles.  Once you’ve have learnt this, doing it correctly starts to come naturally which then reduces the load on your joints, ligaments and muscles.

The moves and postures are usually performed with body weight alone on the ground using an exercise mat and small pieces of equipment such as resistance rings, balls and bands. Even without added equipment, the workout is challenging and provides great toning benefits. Our Mat Pilates classes are the best starting place for  anyone who is new to Pilates. Our classes are kept small so we can give 100% care and attention and adapt exercises accordingly to each individual ability and fitness level.


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