Aerial Pilates


aerial-yoga-picWhat is Aerial Pilates?

Aerial Pilates combines the skill of physical training with movement therapy. It is essentially Pilates-in-the-air and our certified instructors will guide and support you through a series of fluid and strength building movements.

Aerial Pilates draws from flexibility training, yoga, strength training and acrobatics. It is not only a fun and dynamic way to lose weight and stay fit but also a great training tool for athletes, dancers and physio rehabilitation for those striving for better mobility.

At Clinic Equilibrium we take the classical exercises from the mat, tower and reformer and adapt them into the hammocks for a muscle-burning workout that will challenge your strength and stability whilst decompressing your spine.

The beauty of Aerial Pilates is you can make it as hard or as easy as you want it to be. There are more than 400 different moves possible on the hammocks.

The Aerial Silk Hammock is a silk sling, hung about 3 or 4ft above the ground, which creates an unstable work environment that underpins the balance, strength and posture challenges you’ll encounter. It’s incredibly unique and something we guarantee you’ve never experienced before.

Be ready to get hooked…

aerial-pilates-with-menThe Benefits?

  • Decompression of tight joints
  • Spine and vertebrae decompression
  • Increases flexibility and muscular strength
  • Core stability and strengthening
  • Increased physical awareness
  • Relieving pressure in vertebral alignment
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Releases muscular tension
  • Refreshes the circulatory, digestive and lymphatic system
  • Increases overall bodily liveliness
  • Relaxes the mind and body by reducing stress hormones.

lindsey-back-sling-jpg-opt451x270o00s451x270What should I Wear?

  • Full length leggings or fitting joggers.
  • T shirt or long sleeve top so the tops of your arms are covered (no vest tops)
  • No zips on any clothing (sometimes running leggings have zips at the bottom and at the back of the bum!)
  • You will need to remove all sharp jewellery to avoid “snagging” the hammocks.
  • Please do not wear perfume or heavy make up / recent fake tan, as they transfer onto the hammocks.

Places are limited as class sizes are kept small.

NB: all new clients are required to have a pre-class assessment prior to joining classes at Clinic Equilibrium.