Why Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise that is particularly well suited for the modern lifestyle and is equally suitable for young and old.

Pilates looks to address all the issues that we face as result of our increasingly busy but sedentary lifestyles, time spent sitting at a computer or in the car, working long hours, and having less time for ourselves.

Pilates uses relaxation techniques, breathing control, postural realignment and stretching.  It also requires concentration to aim for accurate and energy-efficient movement which is something that few of us find easy in our frenetic daily lives.

What is the basis of Pilates?

Pilates exercises focus on exercising and strengthening your ‘core’ muscles.  These are the muscles of the trunk which include your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor and diaphragm, in particular, but also the muscles that support your shoulder girdle and neck.

Pilates teaches you more efficient breathing patterns, to get more oxygen into your system.  It is about managing stress and learning effective relaxation. And most importantly, it is about returning balance to your body.

What’s so important about the ‘core’ muscles?

The most important foundation skill is the ability to contract and hold the transverse abdominal muscle along with the muscles of the pelvic floor while maintaining diaphragmatic breathing. This is called  ‘centring’ or engaging your ‘core’.

Most of us will at some point in our life develop poor posture, back or neck ache or other musculoskeletal pain. For many of us, that pain could be prevented by considering how to correctly utilise our trunk muscles.  Once you’ve have learnt this, doing it correctly starts to come naturally which then reduces the load on your other joints, ligaments and muscles.

This is the basis of Pilates to strengthen our ‘core’ muscles and then to challenge those muscles by adding movements of the arms and legs in various patterns, most of which will have some functional, day to day relevance.

What is the pre-class assessment and do I need this?

This is a physio style assessment whereby you will be taken through you own needs, conditions, goals as well as a posture and movement assessment. These notes are kept so that regardless of what class you attend your teacher will know exactly what they need to work on with you and to tailor the class for the clients attending. This is essential so that we can provide the best level of care and instruction and so that you can gain the most from your class. Finally, we take you through the key principals of Pilates at the end of your assessment so that you’re doing the exercises effectively. Without proper instruction or knowledge Pilates will be of  no major benefit, however with the right guidance you will learn how to isolate the deep core muscles to ensure you are gaining maximum benefit.


What is Aerial Pilates?

Aerial Pilates is a dynamic exercise that combines the aerial arts with Pilates to challenge and inspire the body and spirit. By working with the silk hammocks it creates an unstable work environment that underpins the balance, strength and posture challenges you’ll encounter. It takes inspiration from the pure Pilates principles developed by Joseph Pilates, who himself was an acrobat and circus performer.

How will Aerial Pilates help me?

Aerial Pilates is designed to :

Aid decompression of the spine, vertebrae and tight joints as gravity aids traction of the skeleton whilst in the hammock.

Strengthen the entire body and vastly improve stability and balance issues by engaging your core.

You will see results quickly with regular attendance.

Challenge the body in ways unavailable with standard Pilates equipment.

Inspire you to think creatively and imagine new possibilities by believing that your body can do it!

Do I need to try Pilates first?

No. Aerial Pilates classes are designed for students from a range of backgrounds and abilities. Our instructors will adapt the focus of each session to benefit the needs of the participants. As our class sizes are small and exclusive you’ll receive tailored instruction.

What will my first class be like?

You will start with a warm up and move onto learning fundamental moves. There are more than 400 different moves and possible postures on the silk hammocks so classes vary according to ability and progress. As you get better and stronger, so the moves will become more advanced and your confidence will improve. Be ready to laugh, giggle, grunt and feel the burn…that means you’re fully engaging with it! Your class will finish with a good stretch as well as some conditioning exercises to help lengthen the muscles for that desired lean look and as a warm down.

Any further questions, don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 939 0337 or drop us an email on info@clinicequiibrium.com